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Ne-Yo, like Kirk Franklin, defends trap gospel music

Singer-songwriter Shaffer Chimere Smith, popularly known as Ne-Yo, is a layman music artist who conceives in the brand new “trap gospel” sound hitting airwaves and he defended it in an interview recently. The singer-songwriter referred God saying ‘make a joyful noise, which could be determined in Psalm 98:4 and Psalm 100:1, when formulating his thoughts on trap gospel to HipHollywood.

Ne Yo said that God said make a joyful noise, he did not tell to make a trap noise, make a gospel noise, make a country noise, he said make a noise. So they are all good.

Recently, Erica Campbell served usher in the “trap gospel” music with her track “I Luh God.” Trap gospel is a merger of God pored lyrics over a trap music sound. Trap rap is characterized by the substance of its lyrics, but it also comes with a trademark music: nailing 808-style sub-bass kick drums, antsy sixty-fourth-note hi-hats, dive-­bombing tom fills, as well as chilly cinematic strings. Read more »

Tron Legacy – Soundtrack OST – 15 Solar Sailer – Daft Punk

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Ne-Yo wants to collaborate with Sam Smith and Adele

There is no doubt that Ne Yo is the biggest music producers in the world. Apart from his grand career, the singer has worked behind the scenes to make chart-toppers for artists like Celine Dion, Rihanna and Beyonce.

Recently, ETonline caught up with the Grammy winning star before he went to the Avalon Hollywood on Tuesday for a special gig as part of McDonald’s imlovinit24 enterprise where he shared that music heavyweight he is eager to work with.

The 35 year old stated that he is loving what’s going on with Sam Smith right now. He is waiting for Adele to come back. She is about to get into the studio. She would prefer to get in and do few stuff with her.

While a partnership with Adele or Sam Smith enough to blow their minds, the B&B star also stated that he is a great fan of Ed Sheeran also and the 2 have talked regarding getting together for a future project. Read more »


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Basement Jaxx – Scars ( Visual )

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Ne-Yo talks writing sessions for new Rihanna album: “It’ll be worth the wait”

Ne-Yo,  the R&B star, has spoke regarding his recording sessions with pop star Rihanna for her all new album. Ne-Yo, the music producer and singer, explained that while he is not sure whether any of these tracks they have worked on with each other would make the final album, what he has heard from the accumulation so far sounds unlike anything else.

The reported that he told that he is doing a lot of songwriting that would never go away. He has been concentrating on a whole lot of new artists at the time as opposed to established ones. He did some sessions with Rihanna not very long ago.

They did a few stuff for R8 album. He added that he does not know what is going to be kept and he also does not know what is going to happen with it, but they definitely did a few sessions with each other.   Read more »