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Ne-Yo talks writing sessions for new Rihanna album: “It’ll be worth the wait”

Ne-Yo,  the R&B star, has spoke regarding his recording sessions with pop star Rihanna for her all new album. Ne-Yo, the music producer and singer, explained that while he is not sure whether any of these tracks they have worked on with each other would make the final album, what he has heard from the accumulation so far sounds unlike anything else.

The reported that he told that he is doing a lot of songwriting that would never go away. He has been concentrating on a whole lot of new artists at the time as opposed to established ones. He did some sessions with Rihanna not very long ago.

They did a few stuff for R8 album. He added that he does not know what is going to be kept and he also does not know what is going to happen with it, but they definitely did a few sessions with each other.   Read more »

Rihanna paid 5 million to switch on Lights

Barbadian recording artist Rihanna will get a chance to earn 5 million pounds only for switching on Christmas lights in London. Unbelievable but true. A reliable source told The Sun Newspaper that after hearing the news, Rihanna herself is thrilled. She is aware of the fact that this is a great deal and she is ready for it, only if it matches well with her busy schedule.

Because of Olympics, Westfield had a great year and that is the reason why they want to celebrate to the fullest. But the final contract has not being thrashed out yet but they are ready to pay the star up to 5 pound dollar.

Westfield is expecting some 20,000 people to present at the park. It was also exposed that the Barbadian star was chosen over the renowned Spice girls, who performed at the closing ceremony of London Olympics. According to an insider, The Spice Girls were also chosen but suddenly, Rihanna’s name came out.

The general manager of marketing department at Westfield said that the switching on of Christmas lights will be one of the greatest attractions of the festive calendar. He also added saying that this year they want to thank all their devoted shoppers by giving them something unforgettable.
Recently, the star spoke about her relationship with Chris Brown. The 24 year has surprised everyone with her decision to evoke her friendship with her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown after the violent assault she suffered in the year 2009.